Peri Cues

In the process of research and development, Peri Cues is not only famous for its exquisite material selection and fine workmanship, but also for breaking the traditional definition and independently developing their own technology .Peri not only maintain the touch of traditional cues, but also add more technical elements, making the shots more accurate and easier to control.

The Peri brand put forward the concept of "breaking through the traditional concept and returning the natural qualities of performance", combined with the long-term cooperation experience with overseas brands, peri brand focused on the selection of raw materials, gaining access to a wider range of resources. After two years of investigation, the cooperator and the supplier of rare wood were finally determined. Now that peri can use raw materials from overseas, Peri Cues products can provide the original guarantee of "firm as a rock".

Original wood collection, peri factory special wood workshop technician will throughly select, timber, sorted, graded and, according to the strict production cycles, put the wood in constant temperature into a humidity chamber for dehydration processing, natural dehydration will further stabilize and lay a solid foundation for the construction of wood into a cue, and also to protect the timber itself, toughening the uniform density of each piece of woods personality. Compared with many domestic and foreign brands still using artificial treatment methods to complete the operation of this link, the production form of Peri Cues is more scientific.

Peri Cues has already occupied the majority of the Chinese billiards market, more international famous player such as Jayson shaw are showing recognition of the peri brand, more dealers from Europe, America and other Asian countries and regions are attracted in visiting the peri brand, at present the exports of Peri Cues are much higher than that of domestic sales, peri has now joined rank with the worlds most famous brands.