Greco 888 All Purpose Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Super Glue

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Used by well-known billiard cue repair technicians around the Philippines.

CA-888 is a transparent, colorless , liquid type, single component adhesive that can adhere to almost every kind of non porous materials, sets quickly at room temperature and reaches effective bond strenght within 6-12 seconds

1. Do not wear textile gloves
-avoid using textile gloves. CA-888 can be absorbed by textile materials and may cause damage to hand, use PE gloves instead.
2. Ventilation
-CA-888 is irritating. When it is used in large quantity, good ventilation is needed
3.Use Method
-Clean the substrate to be applied with the adhesive, and open the adhesive container carefully with the necessary pin. keep away from your face when opening.
4. Spill
-When spilled in large quantities. CA-888 should be poured with water to solidify, and it can be scraped up later
5. Storing
-Keep in cool, dark place. We recommend to keep it in a refrigerator
-Avoid skin contact. if skin contact occurred , wash with MEK or Acetone