Mezz Tip Tool - [SINGLE]

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Keep your tip in perfect condition with Mezz professional tip tool.
Mezz Professional Tip Tool features three different round shapers in order to shape your cue tip to a perfect radius. The other two types of scuffer, scuff the tip for optimum chalk retention. The three kinds of gauge enable you to gauge your tip radius and keep the radius the same providing you better and stable cue ball control.

4 functions (4 in 1)

A / Rough abrasive : Flat Scuffer
B / Fine abrasive : Flat Scuffer
C / Gauge:3 different shapes
D / Radius Shaper or Radius Shaper :3 different shapers

Find the perfect tip radius to match your stroke using one of the three different size shapers and a gauge for every size to check your work.You must use this advantage to maximize your cue ball control.