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Aramith -

A lifetime investment, Aramith phenolic balls last up to 5 times longer than other balls made from polymers or polyester. The billiard-play simulator leaves no doubt : Aramith phenolic balls are still perfectly playable even after 4.000.000 hits, whereas others were rendered unusable. No wonder they are the logical choice for commercial and private table-owners.

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Cuetec, Cynergy -

Constructed with a unique pattern of spun 15K carbon fiber tow, reinforced by a poly-foam core; each Cynergy shaft utilizes an elongated straight-taper, ultra-thin white sighting ferrule, and Tiger® Sniper tip to create a shaft that is packed with carbon fiber performance and the feel and feedback of wood.

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AVID, Cuetec -

AVID cues offer performance that exceeds those of cues costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars more.

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