G² Pool Cue Tip

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Each G² tip uses 8 layers of high quality treated Japanese pig skin. Every batch is tested with a state of the art computer to quality check for their hardness and bounce to make sure all the tips are consistent.

Hardness Score: Soft-64.8, Medium-73.2,

All new G² tips will now have an anti counterfeiting system. Each tip will come with its own S/N scratch off sticker as well as a QR barcode sticker. To verify if your tip is real, simply scratch off the S/N sticker to reveal your 12 digit S/N and either scan the QR code to access the Authenticity Query website or access it directly from our website. The Authenticity Query will tell you the diameter, hardness, as well as if it's a genuine G² tip or not.

From a playability perspective, they're on par with Moori and Kamui.