Moori Cue Tips

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Moori was among one of the first companies to produce the layered tip. At first they were actually all made by hand by Hideo Moori out of his home outside of Tokyo, Japan. Although they are now made in a factory, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting a great quality tip at a very competitive price.

Japanese Moori tips are among the most popular tips on the market for their quality and price. Moori tips are made with pigskin and feature a laminated tip.

Available in:
QUICK (Hybrid between Medium and Hard)
*Each individual tip is paired with a unique QR code or serial number which you can scan and verify its authenticity.

Size: 14mm Leather
Hardness Score: 72.8-Soft, 75.5-Med and 84.4-Quick
Materials: 9 Layers of Pigskin
Glue side: Opposite of density designation - side to glue has a glue indicator symbol